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Bardo & Salazar

Hula Honey EP

Frieda Musik 012


Bardo & Salazar's latest EP reaches you at exactly the right time in the right place: warmth and summer dreams as far as you can hear. The first hike takes you fare above the valleys, high into the Swiss Alps, where legends and myths reside and magical Murgsee reflects the image of the gods as they listen to the two Zurich lads. Here, smitten by the magic, even the „Honey" starts to „Hula". Is it „Le Piff" rising from the pipe and dancing in smoke arabesques across the mountain ridges? It doesn't matter. And luckily the two have brought along their dear friend M.A., our newest family member... refining „Le Piff" in his „Piff Paff Puff" remix and transforming it, with „Spliff", into a hypnotic after slam...


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Artist: Bardo & Salazar
Titel: Murgsee (Original Mix)
Artist: Bardo & Salazar
Titel: Hula Honey (Original Mix)
Artist: Bardo & Salazar
Titel: Le Piff (Original Mix)
Artist: Bardo & Salazar
Titel: Le Piff ( M.A. Piff Paff Puff Remix)
Artist: Bardo & Salazar
Titel: Le Piff (M.A. Spliff Remix)
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