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Henry Sure

Studio Session EP

Frieda Musik 008


With a mighty Büxe-shaking rumble, Frieda's latest music is blowing quite a storm. The bass lines are weighing down and send a pleasant breeze across the dance floors of this world. On Frieda 008 you'll also find Henry Sure's Solo Debut, who's showing his signature on three originals with distinct bass lines accentuated with persuasive beats. He also likes using vocals, beautifully woven into a percussive tapestry. Two remixes accompany the accomplished originals. The eponymous remix „Studio Session" hails from Jørg, while „Sky Fall" contains an interpretation of San Marco & M.A. Aunt Frieda as you know her: an EP for all events.


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Artist: Henry Sure
Titel: Studio Session (Original Mix)
Artist: Henry Sure
Titel: Skyfall (Original Mix)
Artist: Henry Sure
Titel: Skyfall (San Marco & M.A. Plättli Mix)
Artist: Henry Sure
Titel: Pongo (Original Mix)
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