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Bardo & Salazar

Fix und Foxy EP

Frieda Musik 007


The ways of the universe are unfathomable and keep reassembling into a harmonious whole. How else would you explain that Frieda Music 007 comes together just as one of its protagonist packs up his bags to leave our beloved living room behind for half a year? We don't need to chase particles through a large hadron collider to understand it - it's enough to launch the 4-tracker and let it roar with enjoyment. Fix and Foxy originally hail from Bardo & Salazar. Acting undercover, they compose the two title tracks on their very first release with much wit and a mighty groove. Foxy is being mixed by Are:Age and his tropical rhythms, freshly tuned into Frieda's happy family. Fix gets his remix by label man Don Ramon, bringing his usual fat dance moments onto the floor.


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Artist: Bardo & Salazar
Titel: Fix (Original Mix)
Artist: Bardo & Salazar
Titel: Fix (Don Ramon Feed the Donkey Remix)
Artist: Bardo & Salazar
Titel: Foxy (Original Mix)
Artist: Bardo & Salazar
Titel: Foxy (Are:Age Low Rider House Mix)
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