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Sauna Stranger EP

Frieda Musik 005


Good old aunt Frieda likes it colorful, that's pretty known in all parts of the world since the birth of Frieda Musik. And even our new children of the family are the same kind of colorful: Frivolous is painting in all different colors without wasting any paint. His two originals are pushing with forward-thinking rhythms without forgetting how to get his audience into dreaming through his golden voice and his playful melodies. A very special Schmankerl is his Lullaby. A little more precise and determined comes Dirty Doering and Sascha Cawa's Upside Down Remix of ?For The Message? within this package. And not to forget there's a Digital Bonus by our boys San Marco & Don Ramon, who tell us: Don't Stop Mumble, if you wanna get this kind of (Zurich)-Groove. In our opinion: A perfect EP for endless summer nights.


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Artist: Frivolous
Titel: For The Message (Original Mix)
Artist: Frivolous
Titel: For The Lullaby (Original Mix)
Artist: Frivolous
Titel: For The Management (Original Mix)
Artist: Frivolous
Titel: For The Message (Dirty Doering & Sascha Cawa's Upside Down Down Mix)
Artist: Frivolous
Titel: For The Message (Don Ramon & San Marco's Don't Stop Mumble Mix)
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