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Various Artists

Wild Bunch EP

Frieda Musik 004


All the good stuff never comes to an end?This is what Frieda comes like and there's truly something behind this saying. And what our young wild guys are doing here, is just underlining that. With our current Frieda 004 we are floating through the different aspects of a perfect night. ?Aunty Terrible? is flowing through another mad afterhour. ?Looming? then is dreaming through lost desires, while ?Play Mode? is transforming our nights into luminous days. ?Cooles Eis? is more a tricky and playful tool, which comes from the heart without being too flashy. Wishing you lots of fun with our fourth child!


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Artist: Pablo Einzig
Titel: Aunty Terrible (Original Mix)
Artist: Little Lu
Titel: Play Mode (Original Mix)
Artist: Charles Davos
Titel: Looming (Original Mix)
Artist: Tarco
Titel: Cooles Eis (Original Mix)
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