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Ordinary Subject

Moments Like This EP

Frieda Musik 003


Every moment in life has it's own and special soundtrack. Eclectic and in it's usual Frieda attitude the "Moments Like This EP" captures these snap-shots, transforming them perfectly into sound. The three original tracks, composed by Ordinary Subject, sweeten the party horizon with the right groove. "Moments Like This" develops an unbelievable drive and with the piano play from Sacha Ketterlin reaches an incredible deepness. One gets totally into the unrestrained celebration mood with "A Jimmy", which rocks with guitar riffs from 50-51. The Digital Exclusive track ?Tempora" is a powerhouse, that could't have been made better. Pressingly tight, the beautifully programmed beat unfolds and reaches a kind of hypnotic state with it's repetitive style, underlined by it's vocals. On the other hand, the "Cansons Charmed Mix" on the "Moments Like This" invites you to dream. While most dreams take place in black and white, Canson in his typical style, draws in the richest of colors, sending our souls into a foreign world. Before he smoothly sets us back into our world, he manages to make us glide on a slow trip in which the pictures start to reveal that our aspirations seem almost tangible. Last but not least, the "A Jimi" is remixed by the label chiefs Don Ramon and San Marco. Their "Spaghetti House Mix" transforms the irrepressible rocker into a bluesy ride into the sunrise.


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Artist: Ordinary Subject
Titel: Moments Like This (Original Mix)
Artist: Ordinary Subject
Titel: Moments Like This (Cansons Charmed Mix)
Artist: Ordinary Subject
Titel: A Jimi (San Marco & Don Ramons Spaghetti House Mix)
Artist: Ordinary Subject
Titel: A Jimi (Original Mix)
Artist: Ordinary Subject
Titel: Tempora (Original Mix)
(digital only)
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