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Don Ramon

Elephant Carousel EP

Frieda Musik 002


The flames still burn white hot on Friedas Musik's first record. This seems to be no reason not to throw more explosives on top. With the "Elephant Carousel EP" one of the both label makers Don Ramon inspires a dance carousel that makes even the most peaceful pachyderms on Friedas soil rotate. All four tracks are infectious to body and soul. Each for itself an original. All four tracks extensively tested on the party crowd by aunt Friedas nephew. Rather in a club night or at a funny after hour- hands were in the air and the corner of the mouths were rising high. A very special delight for the friends of the upper class reduction surely is the Argenis Britos Remix of the track Wild Goats. All in all definitely an EP that stretches the trunk in the sky!


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Artist: Don Ramon
Titel: Elephant Carousel (Original Mix)
Artist: Don Ramon
Titel: Sparkling Matters (Original Mix)
Artist: Don Ramon
Titel: Wild Goats (Original Mix)
Artist: Don Ramon
Titel: Wild Goats (Argenis Brito Remix)
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